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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Open-air Drug Market

Source: http://www.beatcopdiary.vpd.ca/2012/03/16/main-and-hastings

 "A few dozen cop critics took over Main and Hastings during rush hour Thursday for an anti-police brutality rally.  This picture was taken from the roof of the Empress Hotel by Matt Shewchuk. Matt is part of a film crew that’s been following me and other members of the Beat Enforcement Team since September, as part of documentary series about policing in the Downtown Eastside."---the beat cop diary

This area is the shame of beautiful Vancouver, B.C. but this blog by a policeman gives it a more human quality and gives the public an insight into the level of suffering concentrated in that area of town.  I wonder if Andrew Carnegie could have  imagined one of his beautiful libraries being at the heart of a drug infested slum area? In Vancouver's early days this was a 'nice' part of town.

Vancouver is a beautiful city and that contrast adds to the horror of the Downtown Eastside of the city.

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